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World wind energy installations grow, India slows down

Globally, the wind energy sector saw phenomenal growth in the year 2007. However, in India, the industry failed to keep pace. Worldwide wind energy installation were 19,696MW in 2007 up from 15,120 MW in 2006. In contrast in India the installations in 2007 were 1580 MW down from 1730 MW in 2006.

Though India ranks 4th  globally , the country managed to  register a growth rate of just 25.2 per cent against the world average  of 26.6 per cent. This puts India far behind countries like the US (45 per cent), Spain (30.2 per cent), France (56.7 per cent), and its neighbour China (127.5 per cent). India’s total installed wind energy capacity now stands at 7,850 MW in comparison with 6,270 MW in 2006 and 4,430 MW in 2005.

According to Dr Anil Kane, president, World Wind Energy Association, “The last year was very successful for the wind industry worldwide. However, there are several developments that make us feel concerned: 20 of the top 40 markets have decreased the volume of additional capacity and only 18 countries have been able to increase their size”.

 In the year 2007, 19,696 MW of new wind energy capacity was added summing up to a global installed capacity of 93,849 MW by the end of December 2007. The graph below gives the world wide trend in global installations.


The added capacity equals a growth rate of 26.6 per cent, after 25.6 per cent in 2006. The currently installed wind power capacity generates 200 TWh per year, equalling 1.3 per cent of the global electricity consumption – in some countries and regions, wind energy already contributes 40 per cent and more. Based on the accelerated development, the WWEA has increased its prediction for 2010 and expects 1,70,000 MW to be installed by the end of 2010.

 Mainly the booming wind markets in the US (5.216 MW of new capacity), Spain (3.515 MW) and China (3.313 MW) contributed to this record. China with a growth rate of 127.5 per cent showed the greatest performance of the top five wind countries. At this rate China is well set to overtake India in the next couple of years. Germany defended its position as the number one country in terms of overall capacity at  22,274 MW. With additional capacity of 1,625 Mw, Germany as well as India (1,580 MW added) kept their positions as leading markets, however, both countries clearly decreased new installations.

 In terms of continental distribution, Europe decreased its share in installed capacity from 65.5 per cent in 2006 to 61 per cent in 2007. However, Europe is still the strongest continent while North America and Asia are rapidly increasing their shares. In terms of new, additional capacity, Europe for the first time installed less than half of the new global capacity and counted for 43.6 per cent, followed by North America (28.5 per cent) and Asia (26.6 per cent). The table below gives the performance and ranking of the top ten countries in the world.

Ranking total 2007 Country Total Capacity installed end 2007 Additional Capacity 2007 (Difference 2007-2006) Rate of Growth 2007 Ranking total 2006 Total Capacity installed end 2006 Total Capacity installed end 2005
    [MW] [MW] [%]   [MW] [MW]
1 Germany 22,247.4 1625.4 7.9 1 20,622.0 18,427.5
2 USA 16,818.8 5215.8 45.0 3 11,603.0 9,149.0
3 Spain 15,145.1 3515.1 30.2 2 11,630.0 10,027.9
4 India 7,850.0 1580.0 25.2 4 6,270.0 4,430.0
5 China 5,899.0 3300.0 127.0 6 2,599.0 1,266.0
6 Denmark 3,125.0 -11.0 -0.4 5 3,136.0 3,128.0
7 Italy 2,726.1 602.7 28.4 7 2,123.4 1,718.3
8 France 2,455.0 888.0 56.7 10 1,567.0 757.2
9 United Kingdom 2,389.0 426.2 21.7 8 1,962.9 1,353.0
10 Portugal 2,130.0 414.0 24.1 9 1,716.0 1,022.0


If India has to match the growth rate in the global wind energy sector, outstanding regulatory and policy issues need to be urgently addressed.


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